Dear Patients and Employee’s

As everyone knows, the world is currently struggling with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The virus is very similar to the flu, but the illness can take a devastating toll on our older and vulnerable population. Here at Warren-Watchung Podiatry Center we are taking all precautionary measures necessary. Our practice prides itself on maintaining a safe and sanitary environment for all patients and employees. With the current pandemic, we are ramping up our sterilizing and sanitation duties. Anyone watching the news knows by now that the number one way to prevent COVID-19 is washing your hands and sanitizing surfaces.

All doctors and employees are always very vigilant with sanitizing and sterilizing all surfaces. We will continue to do our part in keeping our practice safe during this outbreak.

Another important tool in prevention of COVID-19 is recognizing the signs of illness among our employees and patients. As a responsible medical practice, Warren-Watchung Podiatry Center always requires employees displaying any sign of illness to not report to work. With the current climate, we are strictly following and observing this policy while monitoring our working staff for any signs of illness.

It is also important for patients to be sensitive to those around them and notify Warren-Watchung Podiatry Center of any symptoms of concern if visiting the office. We also strongly urge anyone whether employee or patient who display signs of the flu or COVID-19 to contact your doctor immediately.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Warren-Watchung Podiatry Center

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